We're open!

We're open!

It's been a long hard road for us to get here. Many long nights preparing our offering. Many cold ones, testing all of our equipment both in the Sierra Nevada in the US, and the Himalayas in Nepal.

The result? We believe we have the most tested wearables in running, marine, or adventure sports, along with the best way to keep them charged.

But we went further. Going off the beaten path also requires insurance, and we found you the best! Again, we compared services, while in Nepal, to see which ones were most effective and gave you the least issues. The clear winner was Global Rescue and therefore we offer that too.

As to getting your data from where you are to anywhere in the world - we found Thuraya. Again, we tested their satsleeve+, and awesome product, as well as their IP+. Both work as advertised.

In short - need a one-stop-shop for adventure where you can buy the goods that will allow you to stream every second your geo-location, speed, altitude, bearing, vitals, and receive SpotCast weather? Think WiCis-Sports - and thanks for the visit.