When you are out for a run and want to share, we have what you need: I-Streme© Run

  • WiCis-Sports App
  • Real time streaming of GPS, speed, altitude and bearing
  • Heart rate monitor
  • SpotCast weather
  • Monthly subscription

If you are off the grid, you will need a sat-phone solution to stream your data. Worried about costs? Don't worry - we can throttle your streaming as often as you want!

Don't underestimate weather, especially if you are an ultra-runner! Recent accidents have proven that this is a new tool for you have for safety and for winning!

Do you do high altitude running? Temperature measurement is a key indicator of your performance. If you get cold, your hemoglobin will hold on to your O2 more avidly and even though your saturations are normal, your muscles and other tissues may become oxygen starved. Our device is the size of a quarter and negligible in weight.

When we are out at altitude, we watch our temperature carefully, and are able to quickly put on or take off layers depending on the outside temperature.