I-Streme Heart Rate Solution

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We use a sports shirt because a wearable must

  1. Be non-intrusive (you'll never know your wearing a heart monitor with our shirt)
  2. Have medical quality data (we measure it on your chest, not your wrist...)
  3. Battery life must be a non-issue

Our solution is the coolest of shirts, which is comfortable, and will allow you to stream your heart rate continuously without you even aware of it.

Why a shirt, you may ask, and not a band? Bands move around, and once they do, they don't work anymore. We have tested many approaches to heart rate, including bands around your chest, wrist monitors, watches, and what we offer gave us the best results.

The shirt is comfortable, easy to wash, and it has been tested extensively in the Himalayas. The sensor's battery lasts months instead of hours!