WiCIs Defense Ready to Go Solution

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The WiCis defense Ready to Go Solution System is ideal for the field or for any emergency situation. The package includes: a portable ultrasound for anesthesia with 2 probes, an Iridium Go Satelite that allows you to stream biometrics and geo-location data from anywhere, as well as make calls from anywhere. A smartphone, a Nonin pulse oximeter wearable, a temperature sensor, an HR wearable, and a Pelican Box to protect all your items are included. Stream all from anywhere!

The ultrasound system weighs less than 3 lbs and can stream your examination live to anywhere in the planet if you have 400k/sec connectivity to the cloud 

Monitor, Share, Protect with I-Streme.


Pelican Case 1450
Echo Ultrasound System with Linear Probe for Blocks and Pain

2nd probe Abdominal Probe for FAST Exams

Nonin 3230 pulse oximeter
Temperature sensor
HR wearable
Android rugged Smartphone
Iridium Go! with unlimited data 2 months and activation
I-Streme App with cloud  for 2 months
Voltaic Solar Panel + Battery