Whether you are boating locally, or crossing an ocean, WiCis-Sports can offer real time tracking of your vessel, updated every second, to anywhere in the world.

Transmit GPS location, speed and bearing to your public dashboard. Send texts. And of course, receive OCENS SpotCast weather on your smartphone with I-Streme© Sky.


SpotCast weather on your smartphone



Our dashboards are completely customizable. In the example below, the dashboard has been configured to display data streamed from our Wi-Fi WiCis compatible portable monitor.  

Public Dashboard for your followers



Our WiCis compatible monitor measures ECG, blood pressure, temperature, and oxygen saturation. This monitor provides the same data and quality of data that your doctor will see in the emergency room or operating room. Data streamed via satellite will be able to be seen anywhere in the world and on any internet connected device, 1-2 seconds later.

This monitor does not have FDA approval and is therefore not available in the United States. It nevertheless works beautifully and we have tested extensively in other parts of the world!

Complete portable monitor that streams data directly to your dashboard