I-Streme Dashboard + Data Storage (Monthly Subscription)

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  • $39.95

Your data with a resolution that you've never seen before! Run, trek, climb, all your data streamed to our server is not displayed to be viewed in real time, but it is also stored!

And then - just share it to your public dashboard. Tweet your link. And have the world follow you.

Receive text messages directly from the WiCis-Sports app, receive live pictures from the WiCis-Sports app.

Stores all data with a one second resolution!

Waveform data has replay function.

View view SpotCast weather for the GPS location of the person streaming data to this dashboard.

Up to 20 widgets to choose from to configure your display!

Create as many dashboards as you want, each with your own signature logo and functionality!

Up to 500MB / Month of data storage. Contact us if you need more!