About us

We are telehealth, military and adventure experts, offering you reliable technology and resources that we have tested and love! 


  • We can interface to any wearable. In fact, we have many many interfaces, but we only sell those that we have personally tested
  • We are real time! That means, that about one second later, anybody in the world can see whatever data you are sharing
  • Our wearables generate medical quality data, not hello-kitty data
  • We are totally social. We can even stream data into Facebook
  • We are platform independent. See our data on iOS, Android, Windows, Raspberry
  • We have an analytics tool for the mathematically minded
  • We store all your data so you can review it at any time


Who we are

  • We are a group of about ten people that can't wait to get outdoors and test our stuff every day
  • We sell only items we test
  • We are in Lake Tahoe (Nevada, USA) close to the mountains we cherish
  • We were incorporated in 2011
  • We also run a non-profit 501 (c) 3 for helping Nepal (mHealthkarma)
  • You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and of course on our web page @ http://wicis-sports.com
  • contact information: